Discover your writing style by mimicking others

No two writers are the same. Suzanne Collins’ writing is different from J. K. Rowling’s. Twain’s pen is different from Austen’s.

What’s your writing style?

Here’s an exercise to discover it.

Find an excerpt of writing from an author you like. I would suggest narration or description. Try to mimic the sentence structure and voice.

Here’s an example:

From Tyra Banks’s Modelland:

You want to be there. You know you do. Don’t lie, dahling. It’s okay. I know what you’re thinking when you look up at that splendorous place atop the mountain. 

My paragraph:

Your worse fear is to be there. You know it is. Don’t  deny it, dearie. It’s fine. Everyone knows what you’re scared of when you stare down into that gnarly pit drilled down in the sea. 

Post your own paragraphs in the comments section once you’re done!